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The Veil Series

Context is deeply important to my practice and for the past two years, I have researched and experimented to see if the essence of death can be visually portrayed. Heidegger’s ideology surrounding finitude became a catalyst towards this creative journey. Further research leads me to the realisation that often-western orientated societies have difficulty dealing with death. My practice has led me to develop mark-making, double exposure photography & photoetching. My most recent body of work is titled The Veil Series. When exploring the concept of absence and finitude I realised that the distortion of the face in portraiture visually represented absence. Using the medium of photography, I distorted my subjects by combining double exposure and having my models wear a Veil. This added another layer of conceptual meaning to my work, as the Veil has a multi-faceted symbolism; religiously and politically within historical and current cultures. Highlighting cultural issues, such as feminism and European racism towards the Veil and the banning of the Burqa, within countries like France and Switzerland. This technique means that the subject does not seem to be fully present, which plays to the dichotomy within absence and presence. Following the use of photographs as a starting point, I felt it would be appropriate to push the process further into photoetching, which enabled the digital process to be recycled into a handmade process. Most importantly to this series of work I want to highlight the need for equality within religion, gender, sexuality and class.


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